Kate Reynolds

Pheemie’s War
Pheemie's War
In the heat of the Arizona desert, one girl's world is about to explode...

Phoenix, Arizona. 1942. Shy, sixteen-year-old Pheemie Longworth falls hard for Rafe, the rebellious Mexican-American school mechanic. But in the climate of war, their romance ignites prejudice and hatred.

When Pheemie’s father tries to bribe Rafe to abandon her, it fractures Pheemie’s world. Seeking escape, she plunges into wild adventures with her twin sister. But when Rafe and her own father ship out to war, Pheemie realizes she stands at a crossroads, and the choice she makes will determine her future.

Will she accept the constrained life her father envisions for her or can she salvage her dreams of college and independence?

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"A coming-of-age story set in the homefront of the Arizona desert during World War II, this skillfully told tale is a perfect snapshot of the era."